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What AMD processor do you recommend for a budget gaming PC?

I'm building my own budget gaming PC and I need help choosing a processor. I want AMD because they're cheaper and better value than intel. Which would you recommend? Id like to play Minecraft with all settings on high with no lag, and maybe a game like Alpha Protocol on medium settings. If you have any other helpful info please share. Thanks

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  1. AMD Phenom II X4 965 and 8gb of ram.

  2. I wouldn't choose an amd processor over an intel processor, intel can handle more than amd, minecraft pretty much runs on anything as long as it has a decent graphics card, even though intel is more expensive it's better!

  3. For those on a budget you absolutely cannot beat AMD for price/performance. Especially Micro Center, where you get a FREE motherboard with the purchase of a processor:

    Got a Phenom II 840 last year for 90$, and a free motherboard!

    For really good deals, try Slickdeals. The highly rated deals are always the best. Recently there was an HD 6670 on sale for 40$ after rebate, and a free game:

    Got one myself. It's supposed to be able to handle Battlefield 3 on medium-high settings, and should have no problems with any of the two games listed. It's probably one of the best cards out there for gamers on a budget.

  4. You can do the amd phenomll x4 965 or 970 or go with the amd fx 4100 good for gaming

  5. AMD FX-4100 would be the best choices for a Budget Build. But the AMD Phenom II X4 965 is a better CPU. It about $20 dollar more. It more up to you.

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