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What psu and motherboard works for my case?

I am going to start building my own gaming pc which will me my first but I don't know much of compatibility issues with part so I want to know that if I buy this case which motherboards will be compatible with it also will any standard psu work on it? thank you for your help.

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  1. any standard psu will work But you have to make sure u buy the "right" psu. Cuz i bought one but it only lasted for 1 hour!! make sure u get 80+ certified psu!

    Mobo...look for 800 to 1333 mhz ram

    cpu look for right socket!! dont buy the ones that dont fit and make sure u look online that it will support the cpu on ypu mobo

    hard drive...doesn't matter

    graphics..doesn't matter as long as u have pciex16

  2. Could you let us in on the secret case that you are thinking of buying? The case will determine what size motherboard and PSU that will fit in it.

  3. For Gaming >>

    Im a Gamer . I use 850 Wattz on 2 GTX 275 Video cards.

    The Brand is BFG

    Get a Brand Name !! Dont go cheap. and get any where from 600watts and up.

    Trust me spend some money on this. 60$-120$ is GOOD ! Plus if it fails on you then you have 30days to return it. so Buy a good one

  4. If you are smart enough to know how to build your own computer, You should know the case size you need. Mid tower. Full tower.

  5. Gigabyte m61pme-s2p motherboard , 500 watt power supply

    Also check out at Ebay

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