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What components do i need ot build my own pc?

I was thinking of building my own pc, but im not 100% sure on all the parts i would need. So if you could list the parts i would need, and a resonable place to get them from. Also i was looking at spending around £400 with or without peripherals.

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  1. case

    power supply


    cpu and cooler


    video card

    hard drive

    cd/dvd drive

  2. Case


    Optical Drive (cd-roms)

    Hard drive(s)

    Video Card (unless you use your motherboards onboard video)



    CPU fan

    case fans

    power supply

    sata/ide cables

    and other misc cables

    that's just a basic list

  3. basically you need:

    1) Motherboard -> make sure you choose carefully, because it affects what else you need, and what componentes you will be able to use.

    2) CPU -> Make sure you buy a CPU that is supported by the Motherboard. Today, I would recommend one of the 2 cores CPUs. If cost is an issue, most likely and AMD Athlon64 X2 seesm to be the best option. Usually the packages come with Fans for the CPU

    3) Memory -> Again you have to make sure the motherboard supports the type you buy (most likely DDR2 or DDR3). I would have at least 2GB. If planning to use windows vista or 7(not sure why anyone would) I would recommend 4GB, but this can push you out of your limit of 400.

    4)Case -> Make sure it is able to mount the motherboard properly. I think most of the full cabinets are able to mount most boards nowadays. Also, make sure the Power supply is 500W or so. Other than that, just pick one you like (or the cheapest like I do). Usually Fans come with it to create the proper airflow

    5) Hard Drive -> Nowadays, I think all boards are doing sata. So you should not have a lot of problem. Make sure the board has sata ports, and that you get the cable to the interface as well as the power cable (some OEM disks don't come with the power cable).

    6) CD/DVD burner -> Not much to say here.

    7) Video Card -> Here you usually have choices. Some boards come with an integrated video card, but they tend to share the main ram (why 2GB or more is a most). Others don;t have the integrated card, and push you to go with a PCIe card (this case you will not share memory, and usually get a better performance for 3D rendering on the HW. It all depends on your main app. I tend to use the integrated cards because they are cheaper, and I don't play games on my PCs

    8) Sound card -> Usually the integrated does a decent job. If you want something mode advanced, you are going to need one that goes in a PCI slot. I think my last sound card that I bought was on the 386 days where most motherboard did not have an integrated card. ever since I've been using the integrated ones

    9) Network -> Most new boards have a 1Gbps ethernet card, which is what most people use. Some come with Wireless card which is nice. but USB wifi adpaters are pretty cheap (last one I bought was G for 4 USD)

    10) Display -> this is very open. sky is the limit. Just make sure you have the right interface to connect to the video port.

    Optional Stuff

    - Floppy Drive -> not very useful today. But can be nice if you need to upgrade BIOS.

    - External Disk encolsoure -> good if you want some protection against single disk crash, and make life easy when you get a new PC. Simply unplug and plug back. However it is expensive.

    - USB Hub -> You never have enough USB ports. And these tend to be pretty cheap as well. Printers, Keyboard, Mouse, USB Flash drives, Mp3 players, Cameras, cel phones tend to connect through USB

    - Blue tooth adapter -> there are some nice USB bluetooth adapters. Some motherboards even come with an adapter integrated though

    That is all I can think off.....

  4. CPU



    Video card

    Sound card

    NIC (network interface card)

    Hard drive

    DVD combo drive (one drive that does all)


    Power supply

    Operating system

    I can't tell you exactly what you need, since i don't know what you want and what it costs for me wouldn't be the same for you since i use US dollars and you use UK pounds.

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