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Can I use Windows 7 upgrade on a machine with no OS if I have a full vista product key?

I am building my own gaming PC and I accidentally bought the upgrade version instead of the full version of windows 7 home premium. SO I was wondering if I could do a clean install of the upgrade version and just input the vista product key from my laptop which I have stopped using? And if possible, how do I go about to do this?

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  1. No you cannot.

  2. I have read articles that talk about doing a clean install with Windows 7 upgrade you. My dad also took Windows 98 and did a clean install upgrade with Windows XP. It is possible please don't let people talk you out of it please. IT IS POSSIBLE.

  3. No cause the UPgrade builds upon an existing Vista Installation. I will be honest with you, Windows 7 was NOT the way to go with Gaming...No Way-Sorry. The only way you can go to 7 is to get ahold of Vista and install it with your Key. THEN upgrade-

    Most of the GAMING PCs I see and seen are XP. You are VERY, VERY restricted and Limited on Windows 7. (As you would of angerly found out yourself)

    The link I gave you below has Gaming Versions of Windows. Keep going through the pages until you find what I was talking about. I *THINK* there was a Vista Gamer- but NOT positive.

    **ON Blanns Comment- Of COURSE you can Upgrade from 98 to XP- LOL

    take care

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