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What are the quietest desktop computers on the market? and what brand are they? dell, gateway, hp,... etc.?

I am buying a new desktop PC. I am gonna buy prebuilt and was wondering which are the quietest PC's from major brands. I need a quiet PC because I work with audio and record in my room. I forgot to mention that I'm not into apple products

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  1. mac

  2. What you hear coming from a computer tower is the fans. Normally, this is because people want room on their desk and want a smaller case. So, a smaller case means smaller fans. To move the same amount of air, smaller fans have to spin faster than big fans. The only way to check this feature is to go to a store and look at all the cases from the models available and find the one with the biggest fans.

    Otherwise, build your own PC. You'll save a ton of money. You can get exactly the case you want with nice big and quiet fans. And, your copy of Windows will be Windows and not Windows with all the usually useless things Dell/Gateway/HP/Compaq/whoever is contracted to have installed on the computers they sell. Building yourself will cost you around 60-75% of what you'd pay for a pre-built one. And it only takes an hour or so to build and isntall the OS. I just got done a couple weeks ago building a gaming rig for a friend of mine. He took my advice and got a server case. [It's so nice building a rig in a server case and having room inside to work :)] It has three 200mm fans and one 120mm fan in it. Even with all of them set to full speed, it barely makes any noise.

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