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what game system do you guys recomend PS3 or XBOX 360?

im lookin to buy a game console this balck friday what should I purchase & why? so both have modern warfare 2 & assains creed 2 but overall which one has better games?

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  1. xbox 360 = win

    ps3 = fail

  2. 360 all the way

  3. Xbox 360, better games, more fun to play online, more people play it, just overall better. I can't see PS3 competing with gears of war or halo

  4. ps3 cuz they both have almost same gamez, but i have xbox360 and it broke twice

    360 has 60% failure rate

    ps3 has 11%

    ps3 is more reliable and has bluray and better graphics

  5. PS3 has good graphis and a blueray system for intense HD stuff

    but XBOX360 has like live and stuff. i prefer live myself :P

  6. PS3, they are more reliable, PLAYSTATION NETWORK is free u can play BLUE RAY dvds on the PS3 and its bad a**

  7. Get an XBOX 360 elite cause they dont break like the arcade and premium ones.

    XBOX 306 has a where better selection of awesome games and the online multi-player is great.

    Ive played both systems for a long time and id have to say i definitely prefer the XBOX 360

  8. Honestly the Xbox is really fun, And it has a ton of features but they all cost quite a bit of features. And another thing is the fact that the Xbox has been know to have a bit of problems. I think graphics and price range is where playstation steps in. I mean when you talk about prices for Xbox it kinda soars when you are talking about Xbox live. But I would stick with the xbox in the end.

  9. PS3, the internet ,, kinda sucks but over all its a very good system. it has i think 8 processors or something and they all work to do different things which makes gameplay awesome, unlike xbox360 which has only 3 or soo and all work at the same time. But if you really loove halo go ahead with 360 hopefully it doesnt break down on u.

  10. ps3 = EPIC WIN

    xbox = piece of $hit

    if you get an xbox it will just brake with red rings of death

    with a ps3 you have a HD bluray player in it

    and you can go on the net

    had the same games

    online play is FREE unlike xbox with you have to pay for AND its $hit

    also ps3 have bigger Hardrives

    and they are WAY more fun

  11. IMO the xbox is better.

  12. I own both systems. My kids and I play all the time. I have been gaming since the Magnavox Odyssey came out in 1972 and I still have that original system! We also own an Alienware laptop and a Cyberpower desktop.

    PS3 is a better system. We are on our 4th Xbox 360!

    The PS3's on line community is free. Xbox you have to pay for.

    The PS3 has a better graphics card and load times are faster. It is a better system all around.

    The PS3 uses a Power PC 3.2 ghz processor. The Xbox 360 uses a 3.2 ghz tri core processor

    The PS3 uses a NVIDIA RSX video card at 550 mhz. The Xbox 360 uses ATI Xenos at 500 mhz

    More people do own the Xbox 360, so if you plan on gaming on line with your friends, you should probably purchase what everyone else has or you will not be able to game with them on line. Just be fore warned, you WILL get the ring of death. You will grind circular grooves in your games (even without moving the system).

    So, what gaming system would I recommend? The PlayStation 3 with blue ray and backward compatibility.

  13. This message is coming from a guy who owns and plays both systems as well as 27 other ones and been playing for 30 years. I am a fanboy of no system so I’m telling you straight because I play games for the games themselves, I don’t play because of a name on the system itself.

    Sony recently dropped the ps3 price to 299. I will compare it to a 360 elite since its microsofts highest end 360 system and is priced the same as the ps3.

    Ps3 has built in included wifi connection for wireless internet, the 360 does not. It will cost you another 100 bucks to buy an addon for the 360 to get wifi. (do note ps3 also includes ethernet for a wired internet connection also so you get both).

    Ps3 has bluetooth and usb ports for flash drives, keyboard, mice, microphones, headsets, earpieces and so on, the 360 has neither nor can you add them on.

    Ps3 has 100% free online gaming, the 360 charges you a annual fee to play any game online or even have a friends list. Ps3 also has something called Home which is 100% free and optional to use where you make a character and run through a virtual world with other people, chat, check out themed areas like a resident evil 5 area with mini games, trailers playing on big screens, an apartment you get to own and decorate and its constantly being added onto. Think of Home as kind of like The Sims only it a city about games only it has alot of other people in it also with you. I also prefer to ps3 community, 90% of the time I get on xbox live all I hear are a bunch of immature brats cursing and yelling.

    Ps3 can play blu ray high def movies and has a really good upconvert on dvds, 360 can only play normal dvds and doesnt improve their picture any. Its also kind of cool I can take a movie I download on my pc, stick it on a usb flash drive, plug it into my ps3 and watch it on my bigger tv right off the flash drive. Can pause, fast forward, frame rate change, zoom in and out and use other options like you can on a dvd from the ps3 video menu.

    Not to mention the ps3 runs dead quiet vs a 360 which is quite loud. And ps3 is known for being a pretty problem free machine while 360 even to this day still suffers from hardware problems, hell gamestop stopped taking extended warranties on them (don’t know if they do again now or not) because so many people were bringing them back with problems.

    Far as games go both systems have 90% of the exact same games. All big names games like megaman 9, wolfenstein, bioshock 1 & 2, dead rising 2, beatles rock band, ghostbusters, bayonetta, call of duty 4, fallout 3, rock band 5, grand theft auto 4, modern warfare 2, brutal legend, marvel vs capcom 2, batman arkahm asylum, madden 10, assassins creed 2 and so on are on both systems and will continue to be on both.

    Each year the list of exclusive games gets smaller. But personally the games on the ps3 that are exclusive I like better and have more of a variety to them. Killzone 2, MAG, final fantasy 13 versus, demons souls, uncharted 1 and 2, little big planet, flower, god of war 3, gran turismo 5, super stardust hd, metal gear solid 4, resistance 1 and 2, ratchet and clank a crack in time and tools of destruction, infamous, heavy rain among another dozen titles coming out in the next year that are ps3 only I like better. If you like MMO type games ps3 is only system to announce ones coming out for it, the two being DC universe online and Final Fantasy 14 online. But all big name big production games will be on both systems.

    And well, I personally like the ps3 controllers better. They feel more comfortable in my hands, the D-Pad is more precise because the 360 d-pad is just a disc and sometimes pushing up registers as left or right, and the batteries are rechargeable in it I that like so when it gets low I just plug in a usb to mini-usb cable in the front of the ps3 and it charges while I play so I don’t have to buy batteries for it, after 2 years of use my controller still holds its charge like it did new.

    I’m not anti 360, I just prefer my ps3 more, and more or less just get games for my 360 when it’s a exclusive for the 360.

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