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is the Intel core 2 duo a good processor for gaming?

Im building a gaming PC. And want to be able to play all games for the PC including Crysis which comes with graphics card. -getting a Nvidia 8800 GTS/GTX which evers better. -500 Watt Power Supply -I have an Extreme Striker Motherboard (W/Sound card) -Antec Nine Hundred Case

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  1. core 2 duo = good

  2. Yes it's a great processor for gaming, but that PSU wont work for you with the 8800gtx\gts. you better go at least 750wtts PSU.

  3. there are many models of intel core 2 duo cpu's.

    What matters is that the cpu you plan to buy is supported by the motherboard/chipset. Each motherboard has restrictions on what cpu's it supports.

    Overall gaming performance depends on the cpu but also the chipset on the motherboard, the memory technology/speed, and if you can install the latest SATA disk drives. Some motherboards also support RAID. With RAID 0, your games will load faster. Have fun building.

  4. The second core will be of some help, but you'll notice the difference more in using desktop applications rather than in games.

    In *most* games, a 3.0Ghz single core CPU will outperform a 2.0Ghz dual core CPU as most games tend to be single threaded (or have one major thread and several minor threads).

  5. yes the intel dually is the way to pretty sure your board is capable of sli, so ya might want to consider getting atleast 600 watt psu that is sli ready........that way if ya decide to run 2 vid cards ya got the power to run it....good luck, happy building.............


  6. Yes, I have one there good but if you want to get a good gaming experience you should buy an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or above to meet the recommended game requirements in your pc games.

  7. Go with the Q6600 quad. Soon quad threaded games will be coming out. Quad threaded video-editing software is already out and there is no sense in building with a dual only to replace it with a quad later. I have a Dual Extreme clocked at 3.2 in my Vista gaming rig but when those games start coming out I'm replacing it with the QX9650, or whatever the biggest baddest quad is at the time. Althou you hear that the quad is overkill right now you really should be more concerned with 6 months down the road rather than right now. As you can see, the 2.4 quad does do better in games right now than the 2.4 Core 2 Duo:

    AS far as the PSU goes the 8800GTX requires 450watts and 28amps on its +12V rails. As long as you have 28amps that 500watt will be ok but I'd suggest the 620watt Corsair for that build. It's modular quiet, has 80% plus efficiency, a five year warranty, 3 18amp +12V rails and is one of the highest rated PSUs there is. Even it's 520watt brother will do.

    I dont know why these people think that, for one GTX you need a PSU with more power than Nvidia recommends to run TWO GTXs in SLI ?!?! Only video card that needs a 750watt PSU is the ATI 2900XT.

    An overclocked GTX would be a good choice.

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