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What is the Avivo package for Ati graphic cards?

What does is do? What are the benefits? I saw it on this page It's called the AMD media codec package now I suppose. Thanks for the help

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  1. ATI Avivo™ and ATI Avivo HD

    High Definition Video and Display Perfection

    Enjoy flawlessly smooth video playback on your PC, enhanced with vibrant colors, sharp images, and universal TV and display connectivity delivered by AMD's acclaimed ATI Avivo™ technology. Now you can step up to AMD's latest High Definition technology built into our next-generation ATI Radeon™ HD graphics processors, ATI Avivo™ HD.

    ATI Avivo™ HD is AMD's new reference for advanced HD image processing, delivering cool and quiet full-spec HD disc playback with hardware-based Unified Video Decoding (UVD) capability1, built-in HDMI with multi-channel HD surround audio, and support for high-quality connectivity with multiple HDTVs and displays.

    Watch stunning high definition entertainment from your PC, whether Blu-ray™/HD DVD discs or other HD sources. Be thrilled by immersive high definition big-screen PC gaming, and view ultra high quality photo images and Internet videos. Get universal connectivity support for HDTVs and high-res PC displays, with HDCP1 support for reliably playing the latest HD entertainment on your Windows Vista® media PC. Step up to ATI Avivo™ HD, and discover your ultimate PC entertainment experience.

    ATI Avivo™ HD Video & Display technology provides PC users with crisp images, smooth videos and true-to-life colors.

    Smooth HD Video Playback with UVD


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