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How do I build a cheap gaming pc?

Hi. I am hoping to piece together myself (with help of computer guy friends) or find a site that will build me a cheap gaming pc. Is there a way to make one that will be sufficient for games on the Orange Box, WoW etc, that won't cost me a fourtune??? Any ideas will help! I have an older computer that I wouldn't mind altering... it's a dell optiplex... I also have a laptop, but I don't think I can really alter it. Thanks!

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  1. Well whats your price range. I could probally find some cheap parts.

  2. buy a decent motherboard, CPU, ram and video card here are some sites for you to look at

  3. Ok, 530$ cheap enough for you?

    Heres what I did:

    Go to, and go to their refurbished computers section, there you will find some AMAZING deals on some semi-decent computers. Heres a good deal :

    then, go to Graphics Cards section, and find yourself a decent card, heres a great one:

    and there you have it. a GREAT gaming computer for about 530$, 500 bucks less than you could get it anywhere else.

    If your looking for a slightly more expensive, slightly better PC, try buying a different (more expensive) Refubished and then a 9800 Graphics card.

    But seriously, This AMD 6000+ and the 8800GS is about as good as it gets for value gaming.

    Yes, I did just change the card to the 8800GS from the 8600GT, because I did not realize the 8800GS was so cheap.

    Nerdist nerd, Your useing intel in a value build and then ridiculing me about my 8600GT? please... AMD all the way for value builds.. Intel for power.. yet the 6000+ in my machine is still twice as powerful as that terrible intel proc you picked.

  4. Its pretty easy to build a cheap gaming computer, you just buy parts that cost a bit less then what most people would buy. If you had left us/me a budget, I might have even been able to spec one out for you. These will be the parts you'll want to get, adjustments might be needed depending on how much you have to spend.

    Motherboard = Intel P35 chipset.

    CPU = C2D based Pentium similar to the 2180.

    RAM = 1x2GBs of DDR2-800 from OCZ, Crucial, Corsair, etc.

    HDD = 250-320GB Seagate or Western Digital.

    Video card = 8800GT or GS. If you can spare it, the 4850 would be a much better card.

    PSU = PCP&C, SeaSonic, Antec Earthwatts brand, or Corsair ~500W PSU.

    The only other thing you'd need is a Case and OS. Cases are a personal thing, its up to you. Don't get the Antec 900, its about $100 and you are doing this on the cheap remember? Try to find something in the ~$45 range, don't forget about shipping. As for the OS, a copy of Vista should be around $100. What I listed should be around $450, $550 with the OS, or $600 for the OS and Case.

    Edit: I forgot. Seeing as they are popular but junk, avoid the 8600 cards. The 8800GS is $20 more, but twice as fast.

    Edit 2: wow, people are bitchy tonight. I went the way I did because the P35 currently has a nice upgrade path. 2180 for now, you can drop a nice C2Q in later when funds/games demand it. Yes, you can drop a phenom into many AM2 boards, but even the best phenom can only barely keep up with the Q6600. The 2180 isn't a bad chip, and could overclock nicely to around 3.0GHz. The 7200 can be had for ~$130, which should add only another $80 to my example build.

    I'm not saying going AMD is wrong/bad. (getting the 8600GT is bad/wrong.) The 4600/4800+ is a very good CPU. There are other options however.

    BTW, do NOT use the powersupply in that other build. A case and a 500W PSU for <$60? Care to guess how long that will actually power anything? There are some decent case/PSU bundles from Antec, but I would not get that one. (get the case if you like it, but dump the PSU.)

  5. Youtube has good videos on building computers, also Tigerdirect has videos on putting together a computer. First choose you CPU, then you motherboard, then your RAM, Then your video card, then your power supply

    Yeah $500 to $600 bucks will do it, go with AMD CPU.

  6. amd 64 X2 6400

    2 gigs memory

    400-750 gig hd

    8800 GT graphics card

    = $500 + delivery.

  7. ok.

    de-prioritise the cpu and spend as muych as you can on the video card.

    cpu affects frame rates a lot less than the gpu. No point getting a quad core and only having enough money left for an 8500gt. it wont play games well at all. A low and core2duo or dual core and an 8500gt is ideal basic setup for gamer on a budget. Dont worry about bottlenecking, again the equation of the cpu vs the gpu it will make very little difference.

    2 gig ram bet bet for a cheap gaming machine, and xp a cheaper option for an os. the games you are looking at are dx9 anyway so no advantage to having vista in terms of the graphics as they dont utilise dx10

    there are ways and means of getting an os for free but I cant post details as this would violate Y community guidelines. This would knock $100 off the price.








    case & 500 watt psu


    hard drive


    optical drive


    Graphics card


    = $526 for the box

    You can save some money by putting a lesser video card into it

    = $475

    This will play current and future games on decent settings.

  8. Im suggesting a motherboard with a single PCIE-2.0 slot. Reason? You can save nearly $50, that you invest into a better graphic card.

    You can always swap for a better graphic card in future instead of going for SLI. But if you want SLI, i cant stop you :-)

    Mobo: BIOSTAR TForce P43 $90

    RAM: 2GB DDR2-800 (pls visit biostar website to find out suitable RAM) $40 (Recommended:4GB ->$80)

    Seagate HDD 250GB $60

    Graphic Card: Radeon HD4850 $165 after rebate

    Stick to this card, its brand new and just kicked the much costlier 9800GTX in between :-). Has rave reviews.

    Read abt it here:

    DVD-RW Pioneer $32


    I had recommended a Q6600, pulled it off the list. Depending on your applications, pump in the budget for your proc .

    U can start off with a E2180 or E2220. (Less than $100). Apologies.

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