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What do I need to put in a custom PC to allow it to connect to my household's wireless network?

hey guys, I'm going to start buying parts for a new gaming pc next month, was just wondering what i need to buy to be able to use the internet through my households already established wireless 802.11g network. Does there need to be a modem as well as/or just a wireless PCI adapter?

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  1. Just a wireless adapter.

  2. Since you already have a router... Use a wireless card... They have USB one too... but the PCI one would do... Suggest the USB one, however.

    If you going to be gaming, wireless isn't that great... Go straight cable to modem from computer.

  3. Gaming on wireless can work, but your signal will have to be very good, otherwise you'll end up with delayed or lost packets. This means that even though your ping times might look very good you'll still rubber band and hitch around when playing shooters or MMOs if the signal is poor.

    In this case, don't hook the modem right to the computer - leave it right where it is. Just run a network cable from the wireless point (which will still have some wired ports) to your computer (almost every motherboard you could buy will have a wired network card). Newegg will sell you ridiculously long network cables for very cheap such as the 100 ft one I link in my sources.

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