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Is there a place I can take in my PC parts and them build it for me?

Ok so I am going to buy a gaming PC this Christmas. My dad and I both made a deal we would both pay for half of it. Im 14 btw. Ok so I tried explaining to my dad that it's not the most elaborate thing in the world to build a PC. So anyway, he doesn't believe me and said that you have to have the wiring perfect and make sure all the parts fit together. I've watched numerous videos and instructions on how to build a PC but I don't want to argue with him. So, is there a place where I can take my parts in, and they build the PC? Please hurry since I'll have to tell him soon. We will probably order the parts off of Amazon or Newegg since it's cheaper than buying retail.

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  1. Try

    You email them with the parts you want, and they build it for you. They do it really cheaply too. If you're going to buy individual parts, don't get them from amazon, get them from because they are the cheapest. But email clydesystems with your build specs and ask for a price before you buy any parts. They said they can build and deliver my PC, which has an overclocked evga gtx 680, i5 cpu, z77 mobo and SSD, for £1250, £30 less than it would cost to order the parts from scan.

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