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Do I need anything extra to make an xbox controller to work on a PC?

Buying a gaming pc and might buy an xbox controller and wondering if you need anything extra to make the xbox controller work on the computer.

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  1. The Wired xbox controllers will work on a pc without anything special.

    If you would like to use the wireless controllers then you would have to purchase the adapter for the PC.

  2. A wired controller can plug right into the USB port on your PC and will work fine without having to do anything special.

    A wireless controller can be used by purchasing a wireless receiver and plugging it into your USB port. Just install the software that will come with it, takes all of 2 seconds, then you sync the controller to the receiver, which will have the little button with the wireless symbol next to it, and you'll be ready to go.

    I use a wireless controller on my PC, so I bought a receiver. If you go wireless, I would recommend ebay, I got mine for about $10.

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