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How to convince my parents to let me build my own gaming PC?

Wow. Alright. I need a new gaming PC, and the only ones that meet my specs sell for about 7000$ (Alienware). I discovered the joy of building my own PC soon after! I asked and with some help from the Steam Powered User Forums I found every part I need to build my own ultra gaming rig! But here's the problem. When I took it up with my mom ( she has the credit card :[ ) she didn't believe it. I've researched (painstakingly) for many hours, and every site tells me the same thing. Building a computer is not rocket science! She seems to believe I will crash and burn and waste 1200$ worth of equipment! She says unless I find a computer-building class (o.o) or some sort of support line she's not getting the goods. Help me convince her that it's easy, please?

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  1. well she is kida right. if your not careful you can static shock the mobo and cpu and then they not good. that being said building a pc is not that hard, and is a good learning experience.

  2. for one thing do not get an alienware. they are the worst despite what they say. if anything go with cyberpower.

    for two computers are not that hard to build BUT you have to know how to install EVERY thing in it. and wire it correctly. which can be difficult. if you feel your up to that sort of thing totally go for it.

    if you decide not to go to and have them build you the system of your dreams for the same stuff alienware offers just cheaper and their support is sooo much better.

  3. Lol, it SOUNDS easy .. but for some reason, things are never clear and straight forward when building computers. I've always had something go wrong in the process. Its not exactly easy.

    And by the way, that is a ton of money for a computer. I know gaming is fun, but personally, I'd rather spend $800 on a computer built by a reputable company and be able to use it for productive uses.

  4. ok do not buy alienware i was gonna buy it but then theres alot of problems going on with it its over priced and some heating probs. Someone told me to go to and it got me overhyped about getting costum built pcs, The 1 i like best is the mega special 3 it has everything i need for a gaming pc you wont understand the first time ur there but when u do u would like it more there is more to costum build and less money. Ok i got my parents convinced by telling them i put 3 fans in my hard drive and 3 other fans with heat spread to cool down the comp so it wont get hot then i told them its the best comps there is and if i have a problem they would warn me and they do, and also dont try to overclock my friend overclocked it at blazing speed then his comp got recked and his chips got fried.

  5. So your mother is going to GIVE you $1200 of computer parts and all you have to do is take a course? Sounds like a very good deal to me.

    It isn't difficult to build a PC. Right now I am using a PC I built from parts 4 years ago. But the course wouldn't be difficult either and you'd certainly pick up pointers that you may not pick up on your own. If it was me I'd say thanks, take the course and then go from there.

  6. Tell her it will help with school and that many other people build computers too .

  7. I suggest you buy a quad core pc without graphic card and then add one or two from tigerdirect, I bet it will be even cheaper, and your mom won't see any problem since you will be just tweaking a regular pc.

  8. So she is going to give you $1200 and all she wants in return is for you to take a class and get help and guarantee she is not wasting her money.

    And this is a problem for you?

    Take the deal she has graciously offered or save up the money and buy it yourself. Then you could do whatever you want.

    I have watched lots of young people who though it was easy burn up machines much more expensive than that.

  9. 1. Get the help of ppl who have built computers

    2. Then comes the easy part, prebuilt pcs are too costly.

  10. Since you seem to have unreasonable demands, especially considering your folks are paying for the computer, I'd say maybe your mom has a point in questioning your ability and responsibility to build your own computer from components.

    It sure is easy to spend someone else's money, so perhaps she'd be a bit more understanding if you lowered your expectations to something within your reach. Building a computer that can run Crysis on "High" is a more reasonable goal than building "The Ultimate Gaming Computer" which I'd fear is more about impressing your friends than any well honed aesthetic you are pursuing. In other words, I don't think you could tell the difference between my $470 system, reusing parts from my old Dell such as the hard drives, speakers, and mouse, and your $1200 Intel Quad Core whatever you have in mind.

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.60GHz Processor Black Edition, XFX GeForce 8800GTS Alpha Dog XXX, 9259 on 3DMark06

    BTW, it doesn't take a genius nor a year to build a computer from components. It took me an afternoon to pop in the processor and heatsink, screw in the motherboard, power supply, and hard drives, plug in the GPU, plug in all the wires, turn it on and install Windows XP. An Afternoon.

    Sure it took a week of installing programs, downloading driver updates and transferring files and getting everything the way I wanted it and nice and stable, but that's all part of the fun.

  11. I wouldn't trust myself to build a computer.

    Also my friend spent over a year building one, and just before it was finished he bought a awesome lappy.

    The point is not for the impatient.

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