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How do games on PC stack up against console?

I just recently got steam and I'm really into games like infamous or assassin's creed. My question is if those kinda games handle similarly to the console versions. I've never really played a game like that on PC, and I'm really use to having a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard. I guess I'm just not sure how the control mechanics would work for a mouse and key board. Do you think it's worth buying it on steam or should I just stick to console?

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  1. PC > Console

    However some games we refer to as "console ports" since the controls/menus are poorly optimized for PC (Assassins Creed). But you can always just plug an xbox controlled into a USB port. :3

  2. Personally, I think console is better for FPS, because of the controller. But on the other hand, PC has more games and possible easier controls if you configure it right.

  3. Buy a receiver for your controller and set one up for each of your games if you have a nice gpu the graphics are wayyyyy better then consol

  4. I dont know what that other guy was talking about....but PC is a million and then some times better than consoles for FPS. I dont understand his logic behind being locked down by a joystick instead of flicking a mouse to turn. ANYWAY, for games like Assassins Creed and Prince of Persia, Skyrim, etc I've always enjoyed a controller more. You definitely have more graphic options for PC if you've got one able to run the graphics higher. And as the other user mentioned (the smart one) you can always just plug your 360 controller into your PC and it should load up drivers automatically. You have to use a wired 360 controller for this or else you will have to buy a reciever (as the other user mentioned)

  5. tyber didn't mention that there are extended play disks (or DLC) for the more popular games.

    If you have the right video card, you can plug in the HDMI cable to your TV set and get improved graphics.

    Mouse and keyboard is primarily used for FPS games like Modern Warfare (the ultimate setup) otherwise stick with the USB game controller.

    Game consoles still have their place and I could see where someone would stick with them, however, they aren't as good for things like surfing the web. A subscription to PSN or Xbox Live can have it's limitations (not an option for things like Steam)

  6. third person perspective games like assisans creed seem to me to be easier on console while first person shooters like call of duty seem to me to be easier to play on pc because you can aim better when you change the movement controls of the keys from wasd to the arrows on the right side of the keyboard.

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