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Is it possible to play PC games online using a wireless network?

I am looking to play pc games like WOW and Counter Strike Source online. The problemis that I connect to the internet through a wireless network with a high speed connection. Somethies the reception isnt that great(like 11 Mbps). Would this cause a lot of lag issues while gameing?

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  1. yes

  2. I've used a wireless network for CounterStrike with very little problems. Of course wireless will never be faster than a wired connection (for obvious reasons), but like I said, it hasn't given me any problems... especially if you have cable internet

  3. Yes it is possible to play games online using a wireless network. The problem with this is the signal quality. Typically, you would want a high speed router with a great range, so you don't have to worry about signal quality. If you do that, lag issues will not be a problem.

  4. yes but you need a good connection

  5. It is possible to play online games with a wireless network (I do all the time) You wont encounter many problems with the wireless stability dropping to 11Mbps excapt for a temporary lag spike when it has to switch down. What matters with it though is your internet speed. Dialup isnt too good and will cause lots of lag. You need at least 256Kbps net speed to play online without major lag.

  6. YES. i do it all the time. i have a laptop

  7. if the router is configured properly and you have a steady signal then it shouldn't be a problem because most high speed Internet is only 1.5- 3Mbps.wireless routers even slow ones run at 11 Mbps witch is faster than the Internet so the only place for lag would be at your modem

  8. Why On earth not?

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