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What is a Local area connection and how do I make one?

I'm trying to play a game over a pc game over the internet, but I need a LAN or a serial wire. I don't have the serial wire so how do I make a Local Area Connection?

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  1. A local area connection is simply a network connection.

    If you're connected to the Internet, then you already have one.

    You need a network card and an ethernet cable; a router, modem and broadband connection to the Internet from an ISP.

  2. 2 x Ethernet Cable

    Ethernet Card in the computer

    Router (standard or wireless depending on what you want)

    the rest depends on internet connection, if you connect directly from your phone line and not via a tv digibox

    then you need an ADSL filter most likely

  3. LAN stands for Local Area Connection. This is a type of network setup for computers.

    The easiest kind to set up requires two computers with one of them using a phone line to a modem. Since all motherboards now have an RJ-45 connection (this is the wider connection that looks like a phone jack) you only need a crossover cable to connect from one computer to the other.

    A crossover cable is insulated in orange wire. Don't buy something else thinking it will work because it won't. Once you have connected it to both computers you are now ready to set it up.

    Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Communications and then to Network Setup. Do this on the computer that is connnected to the internet. Follow the directions, and hopefully everything will go well.

    If you have a different type of setup, you can go to Microsoft's website and find a tutorial on just about all the different ways to connect it up.

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