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How to split a single ethernet connection into 2 for games consoles and PC?

Basically I only have 1 ENET port on my modem and I would like to split it so I can use my PC and my xbox 360 at the same time. I have a moderate level of computer knowledge, please help, thanks

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  1. I dont recommend that at all, buy a new router. You can buy ethernet splitters but that would cause more trouble than it solves.


    Plug the cable from your modem into port 5 on this, then plug in your PC and 360 into Ports 1 and 2 and plug in power.

  3. Yes, you will need a wired gaming router. The wired ones are faster but they also make wireless.

    You plug your PC and Xbox into the router then it lets both stream through the internet connection. The router will have a port for the cable Modem to plug in. The router should be placed right next to the cable modem if its a wired router. I left the model i use below and at home two people can game while another is on neflix. We have 4 computers using this router. I dont know how or if the Xbox can use gigabit though. It may run at 10/100 which is also ok.

    D-Link Systems D-Link DGL-4100 GamerLounge Broadband Gigabit

  4. Get a router.


    Wired is cheaper than wireless and will probably work right out of the box.

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