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Is there a way to hook my PS2 up to my computer and play my games on pc?

Is there a way to hook my PS2 up to my computer and play my games on pc? Because my computer has the cord pluggins for the ps2 on the front and back of my hardrive. Is there a program I can use or something?

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  1. No those cord pluggins are for musical purposes like a microphone or guitar.

  2. What n no no you cant do that!

  3. You do need a composite or S-Video jack to connect your PlayStation 2 directly to your computer, but if you don't think your monitor or computer has these connections, try using a VGA converter box.

    These VGA adapters will provide you all the necessary connections so that you can plug in your PS2 to your LCD monitor. It might get a little messy with all the cables, since you will also need to run a VGA (monitor) cable from your computer's video card to the VGA adapter and another cable from the VGA adapter to your monitor.

    Another idea is to use a TV tuner card, but this needs to be installed inside your desktop computer. Laptop owners will need a PCMCIA TV tuner card, but only if they have a PCMCIA slot for it (most laptops do).

    The easiest, least complicated alternative is simply buying a PS2 LCD. These monitors attach to your PlayStation 2, so you don't have wires running all over the place, and they have built-in speakers. They're a bit expensive, considering they're so small, but this makes them great for road trips.

    With TV tunercards...the better the $200.00 and over...the better to save your memory card on the Playstation fro being get what you pay for. Cheap gets you more headache than it is worth.

    Good luck

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