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What is the best sounding gaming headset?

I'm considering buying a gaming headset for my PS3 and PC games/movies. The only things i'm looking for in it is it has good bass, its comfortable, and can get loud without losing quality. I'm thinking about buying a Turtle Beach DSS or just getting a Dolby Compatible Headset so i can get better, directional sound out of it. I'm going to play Black Ops and hearing the enemies all around would be awesome. Any suggestions are great

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  1. the more you pay the more you get.

    but turtle beach is the best price/value.

  2. You should get the TB X41 or DPX21. Both are Dolby 7.1 headsets, have tons of features and sound AMAZING. The X41 is wireless and the DPX21 is wired and comes with the DSS!

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