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in pokemon black (or diamond ) can you use your pc to trick the ds into thinking theres a mystery gift?

im bored and have alot of time to kill lol.. im running a wireless laptop but i also have a desktop pc wired to the router if this is possible and either will help i just wanna see if its possible before i delete my game and start over

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  1. No.

  2. Not really. You'll have to use a special program to make your own Mystery Gifts. There's tutorials on youtube. But using those hacked Pokemon online (like Wondertomb) makes you noob.

  3. Nope, you can't because official Nintendo event distributions have nothing to do with your date or time on your Nintendo DS system, the date and time only matters on their special distribution machine that they use to distribute the wireless Mystery Gifts and most of those special machines are just regular Nintendo DSi or DSi XL systems with a special DS card inside of it.

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