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Is PC a good choice for playing computer games?

PC games always force you to upgrade your PC hardware, but some people insist on playing computer games with their PC. What is your opinion about this?

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  1. Well that is the whole point. You can upgrade your pc to play new games but you cannot upgrade your PS 2 to play the latest games on PS 3. I prefer playing games on PC as it is easier to handle strategy and RPG games on pc.

  2. With a pc you can always upgrade to the latest parts, wich will make your pc run the most demanding games. However, it's a lot more expensive than a ps3 or an xbox 360, but then again with a pc you can do a lot more than just playing games. But it all depends on you.

  3. The P.C is my preference. Consoles have a limited life, far better to upgrade your P.C then to start from scratch every time a new console is launched. A game on a top spec P.C looks and plays better than on any console, Multiplayer is huge on the P.C and free, and you can mod almost any game. Of course the downside to P.C gaming is the price, it is more expensive than console gaming and it can be a pain getting some games to run properly due to the PC game industry dishing out buggy games which require patches which doesn't happen on consoles. Both have their pros and cons but ill stick to the P.C thanks

  4. consoles is a better choice for playing videogames(spically XBOX 360&PS3)beacuse your console be with you more than a part of a computer!

  5. Macs are the ultimate gaming system because whenever you want an upgrade, you just throw away the old Mac and buy a new one! It's that simple!

  6. It's my hobby to upgrade and add to my computer. I love doing it and finding out more about equipment and programs. New hardware is really fun to learn about. Also, with console gaming you have only a controller, and graphics are limited. With the computer, you have a keyboard and mouse, and music if you like. The games on consoles lack many features. Lack of patches, user-made content, online support. And who wants to pay $400-600 for a console, $500+ for TV and $50 for games?

    PC all the way!

  7. Well PC will always have the best graphics as they can be upgradable. The latest graphics breakthroughs are always on the PC followed by Consoles.

    Take Crysis for example you don't just have the best graphics in a game you also have a huge open world, were everything is destructible, dynamic, realistic physics, has shadows on even the smallest objects, HDR, huge draw distance. Every tree, leaf is its own. Put everything combined together and this kind of thing cannot be reproduced on a games console(PS3/360). Period.

    As for ALWAYS upgrading that is not true. If one does their homework you can get a very decent system and stick with it for 3 Years or so and still play all the latest games fine.

    However being able to upgrade a computer is what makes it special and unqiue and is not a con, while a PS2 lies in the dust now and years from now the same to PS3, The PC will still be cutting edge.

    Furthermore the notion that you have to spend $3000 or so for gaming PC is ridiculous.

    The Innovative and in-depth games(e.g. Portal) are usually found on the PC first and the PC being lead platform.

    Then you have the online community, Online play is free and there are thousands of servers and can hold much bigger number of players than consoles, it truely makes it a more fun experience. You also will still have people playing old games online that you thought everyone forgot about.

    For racing and fighting games consoles are a better choice other than that PC has much broader library of games of all genres.

    Furthermore FPS(First Person Shooters) are better playing with a mouse and keyboard, faster, better, more accurate. With consoles you don't do all of the aiming as there is Auto-Aim features. RTS games also if that fits ones taste also is better with keyboard/mouse.

    Mods give a whole new dimention to game and can be found for every game. The actual games also cost half of what console games cost.

    The talk about Patches for PC games well 360 and PS3 also now require users to download patches so that argument is no longer valid either. And Patches are a good thing.

    And also even though people say you shouldn't include a HDTV to a console I'll say this, when person is getting a console they aren't getting all the graphical benefits unless they have a HDTV. And people do say you need a HDTV for "Next-gen gaming".

    WIth PC's almost all games, even very old games are able to play games NATIVELY at HD whether it is at 720p, 1080p or even higher than that even before the PS3 and 360 were out.

    I also am not being biased as I do have PS3 myself simply because there are fighting, sports, racing games that I find better played on a console as well as some of the exclusives the PS3 has on offer. But I still know the PC is a great platform for gaming and also lets you do so many other things.

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