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How to create a restore disk in case i f u_ck up big time?

I just built my own gaming PC for the first time. ALL I have done so far is build it, shut the case, install Windows 7, installed motherboard/GPU drivers. Now I want to create like an emergency disk I can pop in if something goes wrong. Is this possible? I know my old factory-built Dell computer had restore disks. I hate how Microsoft is so stingy with their licenses so how can I protect myself if I F up? I want like a clean-slate on a CD. Can a DVD be used instead of a CD?

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  1. The Windows 7 install disc set is also the recovery / restore / repair disc set and if used on the same computer it remains a legal copy of Windows and you use the same product key code if needing to re-register the OS. But it is illegal to use the same install disc on another computer unless you purchase a new product software key code. You can create a image of the current hard drive and operating system and programs to a external hard drive or to CD's using any number of free software programs.

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