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What MAKES a good gaming computer? AMD FX4100 a good, moderately priced gaming CPU?

What do I need to take into account when building a gaming computer? Is the AMD FX4100 a good gaming CPU? It's supposed to be a 3.6 GHz processor, 10 MB cache: I would have thought that was good enough for any game out there. Does it run properly with Windows 7? Edit Hi Tom - thanks for your answer. I am interested in having a look at that table you mentioned, but it seems you forgot to add a link.

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  1. I recommend the radeon 6570 powercolor when selecting a GPU if your on a low budget, I think your CPU is good enough for gaming

  2. This processor is just barely ok, but you could get a better one for the same price. If anything, I'd just spend more and get a better one. If you look at the table I linked, the AMD FX-6300 Six-Core is really similar in price, but way, way better. 33 dollars more for 50% increase in performance.

    Additionally, youll need to consider cooling as a priority and suprisingly enough, 3.6ghz clock speed doesnt really mean anything anymore, its all about heat management, how efficient the processor is, stuff like that. So you will find some processors will perform better in spite of having a lower clock speed.

    I have linked a ranking table on how well all the processors you'll find in the market on performance. Many of which also have a price next to them so you can find a good deal!

    I'd try to put as much money in to the processor, graphics card and cooling system as possible. If youre considering building your own PC, ensure the case is pretty good (I use the Antec 900 and it's been amazing!) for cooling needs and RAM is very cheap to upgrade, so get some decent stuff, but realise that youll be able to get some much nicer stuff later on for cheap (as it gets cheap fast).

    If you're on a budget, it's best to save for a bit longer to get your gaming rig.

    If anything, for cooling, I'd say go for the Noctua NH-D14 for cooling. It's in the top 5 best cooling options and it's far quieter than the other 4.

    If you have a nice case and that heat sink I recommended, you'll be able to overclock your processor no problem (It is really easy to do).

    EDIT: I'm so sorry! here is the link for you :)

  3. The FX-4100 is a good CPU, but I suggest getting the FX-4170 $124.99 instead of $119.99 for the extra $6 you get a 800mhz boost and a 2mb L3 boost, of course you could go with a Intel Core i3 3220 also $124.99

    Here is an article on Tom's Hardware about the two,3314.html

    They are around the same the difference is the FX-4170 is going to be able to overclock past the Intel's archetecture, but you will be spending extra cash on an after market CPU cooler

    I would also recommend the card 69XX by Radeon if you are on a low budget

    But the HD 7770 Vapor X by Sapphire is a great choice for a beginners card as well running at about $150.

  4. The speed of the processor (GHz - over 3.0 is good)

    The type of motherboard chipset (look for best performance - Z77 is good)

    Make sure the socket type matches for both the processor and mobo (1155)

    High amount of RAM (8-16gb is best - Also make sure its DDR3)

    Decent hard drive space (500GB - 1TB)

    High end graphics card (look for higher numbers eg. GB, speed -

    Also use a good CPU cooler with thermal paste, extra fans in the case is a good bonus)

    Might want to consider using an SSD card? Faster than normal hard drives.

    Hope this helps

  5. cpu gaming on a budget

    following cpus are good

    965 phenom 1333mhz ram needed

    fx 4170 1600mhz ram

    fx 6300 1600mhz ram

    these are decent cpu for gaming any higher and your electric bill may be a bit hairy

    note these cpus are power hungry


    i5 3350P is a good gaming mid range cheap i5 it has no onboard graphics which causes less of a headache disabling such things supports 1600mhz

    all amd cpus have no onboard graphics

    exept the apu

    the 4100 isnt good its below the 365 phenom in gaming

    now graphics cards

    following graphics cards are good for gaming and in order of price

    550ti nvidia 192 bit

    560 se nvidia 192 bit

    560 nvidia 256 bit

    6870 1gb ddr5 256 bit

    7850 2gb ddr5 256 bit

    these are good budget cards but the gpu is very important in gaming it does more work then the cpu

    so skip to a 560 256 bit if on a budget

    the main reason 560 ti isnt mentioned it is over priced and the 7850 out performs and is cheaper


    plays a vital role 8gb is standard for gaming either 1333mhz or 1600mhz

    motherboards amd

    990x or 990fx are the best boards any lower then these models will give you a headache

    as there chipsets are dodgy any far down

    motherboard intel z77 is the best and should be used on any intel system

    mainly for ivy bridge like the above i mentioned

    sandy bridge will work on any motherboard

    things to watch out for

    some motherboards support only a certain ammount of cpus

    some amds support a max of 95w

    some support the full 125w

    basicly the cheaper the board the less functions or compatibility it may have

    hd is just used for storage

    if you want a ssd go cheap get a 64gb and stick just the os on it

    fx cpus have issues at the moment a new patch or fix is suppose to come out to sort this as the new architectural way it was designed windows 7 doesnt support it fully

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