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id like to build a custom pc and id like some recomendations?

im on a budget but id like something to replace y now broken laptop. i was wondering what some good fairly cheap syste builds are and their specs any help is great

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  1. A cheap build will give you cheap results to start off with. You will not be able to play "every" high end PC game, but you will be able to play most at somewhat an enjoyable experience. Here is what I can recommend for you for around a $600 build and this will give you pretty decent results on a desktop build for medium gaming (WOW-Call of Duty type of games).

    -AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition Processor -$85 (3.2Ghz True Dual core 7mb L3 Cache, youll see why in the mother board choice)

    -MSi 790X-G45-$105 (Crossfire X enabled, Core unlocking (unlock the 555 BE to quad core 3.2Ghz, DDr3 16gb max @1600Mhz (in overclock))

    -BFG Tech 550watt PSU or CoolrMax 600watt -$60

    -XFX 5750 Radeon HD Graphics Card-$110 (700Mhz Core Clock GPU, 128bit, 1gb GDDr5 RAM)

    -4gb Corsair XMS3 DDr3 RAM set for i5-$40 (its not really for just the i5 processor, it works on all ddr3 slots and reliable cheap gaming ram)

    -Corsair A50 Heatsink/Fan-$40 (keeps CPU temps down up to 25% than stock and decent for price)

    -Antec 600 Mid-Tower-$90 (very reliable and well ventilated gaming tower)

    -WD Blue Caviar 320gb or 500gb HDD-$50-60 (depends on how much space you need, since your on a budget, either of these two will get you started decently and runs very smoothly/quiet)

    -Lite-on or LG 22X DVD/RW-$20 (if you want to spend the extra $10 for an extra 2X speed, otherwise not necessary for the 24X readers/writers)

    That right there is at $600 before the Operating System (windows7-$99 for Home Premium, keyboard/mouse, and monitor/speakers). This is a good cheap starter build for medium gaming with decent results. For mild games, you can run at max settings like: Dragon Age 2, Assassin's Creed series, Call of Duty 1-7, and get above 40 frames per second (which is not bad at all). For higher end games like BulletStorm, Medal of Honor 2010, Bad Company 2, Crysis, you will need to replace the graphics card or run 2 of the same cards in Crossfire to get very pleasant results. For the higher end games, I would recommend an ATi 5830 HD, Ati 6850 HD, or NVidia GTX470. Depends on how much you want to spend.

    The 5750 can play Crysis 2 and the original Crysis at around 39 frames per second at 1600X900 with high settings, but the 5830 can play same frames per second at ultra settings and resolution of 1920X1080. So, its based on how much detailed you want each game that will determine the graphics card you want. Otherwise, the other hardware is good enough for a few years of gaming.

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