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How do I tell if my laptop is good enough to play PC Video Games on it without constant lag or freezing?

I want to start playing games on my laptop, but I dont know if my computer is suitable to spend the money on the games and then have it freeze constantly and lag. Also, what makes a computer a good gaming PC and between a laptop and desktop, which is better for games?

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  1. type in google can you run it

  2. any reasonably popular game you're likely to play has a recommended minimum hardware spec, which you can compare to your own and see if it's likely to run. desktops tend to be better gaming computers simply because there's more space inside them to put hardware, but if you intend to game on the go, obviously a laptop would be a far better decision. I recommend steam as a good gaming platform, because it has an extensive library of games and on the game's page it will tell you the minimum hardware requirements

    if you don't know how to check your computer's hardware, just go to control panel and somewhere in system, there's something to the effect of "about my computer", just click on that and you're on your way.


    This website checks your system specs against game minimums its what I use

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