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Do you have to use a controller to play games on the PC?

Hey guys, so i bought a gaming PC today and havemt got any games yet. I've downloaded steam and want to get some but i was wondering do you have to use a wired xbox/ps3 controller or is there some way of using a wireless or no controller at all. And also, do you need one for games like, battlefield, tomb raider, fifa 13, farcry, call of duty? Thanks!

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  1. you shouldnt use a controller for gaming on the pc, use the keyboard and mouse trust me it is how it should be done.

  2. PC games by default use keyboard/mouse. Only a select few games can even use a controller (and even then, you have to have one to use one, otherwise it's keyboard/mouse)

  3. Mouse and keyboard is the only way to go. I even use a mouse/keyboard on Xbox by using a Xim Edge.

  4. You do not because you just use keyboard keys .

  5. You don't have to use one no. You can if you wish use either a wired or wireless controller (including Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers though wireless adapters would be required). A keyboard and mouse is all you really need though.

    A lot of games support a controller despite a poster above claiming only a few do, in fact most new games automatically support the Xbox 360 controller and are designed with the Xbox 360 controller in mind.

    Keyboard and Mouse is definitely best when it comes to FPS and RPGs. Other genres are purely a matter of preference though and personally I prefer to use an Xbox 360 controller for some types of games (Driving games and Third Person games such as Assassin's Creed for example)

  6. if you want, if you ask me i play Pro evolution soccer with controller, but other games with keyboard and mouse..

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