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What am I missing from my pc build, and suggestions for motherboard?

So I have previously installed new graphics cards and power supplies. I have decided to take the leap and build my own gaming pc. So far I have Case-Cooler Master Haf Proccesor- Intel Core i5 3330P. GPU-Radeon 7870 boost edition Power Supply- Corsair GS600 600 w Now I know I am going to need to find a decent motherboard but what else? And could anyone suggest any motherboards.

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  2. You are missing RAM

  3. you need an LGA 1155 socket mobo for that cpu. the ASRock Z75 PRO was recommended by after their tests [] -- although I prefer Asus mobos myself.

    get DDR3 1600 memory to go with that -- 8 Gb is enough in two 4 Gb sticks.

    you'll want a SATA 6Gb hdd, a cd-rom so you can load the operating system, and check that your selected power supply has the right connectors for the mobo

    add case fans [i put five 120mm or larger fans into i5 boxes -- they're a lot cheaper than replacing a burned out cpu or gpu] and you're probably good.

    don't even try to overclock that cpu though.

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