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What should i upgrade on my gaming pc next?

So ive built this awesome gaming pc. here are the specs 15 3570K AMD 7950 twin frozer 8 gb ddr3 ram 850 watt psu motherboard isnt really important and ive got more than enough space. i have a 2tb hard drive and a 500gb hard drive (running linux) along with a 1tb external drive for backup. its in a zalman z11 plus case. there is a disc drive installed btw. i also have dual monitor and a levitron gaming keyboard and R.A.T 5 gaming mouse. if anyone cares So my question to you is. Im gonna have some extra money soon and was wondering what you think i should upgrade first. Like what you think would be most beneficial. Also if there is any great applications (free or paid) that you think i should get. Thanks guys. if you have any questions just ask in the answers

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  1. never change a winning horse...

    do you feel your PC needs new hardware?

    if so, which are the symptoms?

    but okay, if you can just throw the money out without a 2nd though, the only "mismatch" in your config is the CPU

    get yourself an i7 3990x and you should have enough processing power

    in fact, more then anything you are ever likely to need >¦-)

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