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How much would it cost to build a good gaming pc?

Im graduating from college and im expecting to get a gift from my mom. I have a really shitty laptop that I have been using for 4 years and I think she is going to give me a mac. Thats what she got my sister when she graduated. However, I dont really want a mac, I would rather build my own gaming pc. But how much would that cost? Mac's cost about $1,000 so would all the parts fit in that price range? Woops, I meant desktop not laptop.

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  1. You would want a gaming desktop, not a laptop.

    Anyway, I built mine 3 years ago and it cost me about 400 bucks.

    If you want to build a good pc with quality parts that can run next gen games, I would say 800 bucks is more than enough.

    600 would probably make it.

    I'm making rough estimates. It's better to make an actual canvass from hardware shops in your area.

  2. I no longer build PC's for myself. A budget of 1,000 bucks/quid would be good though. Maybe even less. If/when it goes wrong, how much hassle is it? Not all faults are easy to diagnose. How much time do you want to spend on FF or diags? And then taking it all apart again to pull out the bit that needs to go back? Each time you take a machine apart and put it back together you also run the risk of introducing new problem(s).

    Me? I am older and better off nowadays, so I am prepared to pay a bit more for covenience.

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