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What is the most important factor about a video card?

So i'm looking to build my own gaming PC and i'd like to know a little more before I actually begin shopping. So my question I had in mind was what is the most important factor for a video card? If I know this I can have an easy time shopping and picking a good video card!

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  1. long story short, the $price$

    putting down more money for a video card guarantees you a better one, as with most other things. Better chips cost more money, more video memory costs more money, etc...

    what i would watch out for in a video card would be the amount of power it requires, because some of the higher end cards require external power that you may or may not have

  2. i personally like to have at least 2gb of gddr5 vram with my 7770 and it works great. but the 2gb 7850 would be the best at a decent price for now. also what type of games are you going to play different gpus are good for different types of games e.g. fps = higher mhz, rpg and huge map games = more ram, rts games = good balance of ram and mhz.

  3. The price of it basically determines the performance, the more you pay, the better the card.

  4. it all comes down to the price that you can afford and what its being paired with

    processors and gpu go hand in hand if a gpu is way to high the processor will bottlneck and you wont get full performance of the card

    Fab Process28 nm28 nm

    BusPCIe 3.0 x16


    Core Speed

    Shader Speed

    Memory Speed

    Unified Shaders

    Texture Mapping Units

    Render Output Units

    Bus TypeGDDR5

    Bus Width

    DirectX Version

    OpenGL Version

    Power (Max TDP)

    Shader Model


    Texel Rate

    Pixel Rate

    these are all important factors of a video card the higher the numbers the better exept power we want that low

    examples of good cards

    7790 the best medium based card

    best high to max card for budget

    tx 650w corsair will run either of these cards

    both are decent power for performance cards

  5. what to look for in a graphics card. To be honest in genral the more expensive the video card the better it is, so i would suggest if you want a good graphics card to shop around the 180-350£ price point. Also here is a list to help you when buying. It will give you an idea of what to look for

    What to look for in a graphics card


    A gigabyte of memory is now standard for most of today's video cards. Anything less can lead to slower performance when high resolutions and detailed textures are in use.


    Don't always believe that more memory guarantees higher performance; some 2GB cards are slower than 1.5GB cards.


    Generally, the faster the card, the hotter it will run. This requires additional cooling, which can lead to excessive fan noise.

    CPU matching

    If you have a low-end CPU, go for an entry-level video card. The opposite is also true, with a performance CPU demanding a performance video card.


    The differences between ATI and NVIDIA tend to a be a matter of personal brand allegiance, though many believe NVIDIA has a slight performance edge while ATI cards are more energy-efficient, leading to quieter, cool systems.


    Most of today's video cards require a power supply directly from your PSU, usually in the form of one or two 4-pin connections. Thankfully 4-pin molex to 6-pin adaptors are available for just a few dollars.


    All of the video cards we've looked at use a PCI Express slot - if your ageing PC is still using an AGP slot, it's time to upgrade!

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