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How to choose the right parts for building a PC for high end 3d-modelling/simulation/gaming?

Hi Yahoo people! I'm looking for your help with choosing the various parts of a PC that I am going to build. I haven't got a budget per-se, but I'm not going to be spending money on any over-priced parts (that is to say, any parts that perform under their price tag). I expect to be paying up to €7000+ for this kit, but if possible I'd like to reduce the entire price tag as much as possible. This build is going to be a bit different to ordinary "Gaming PCs." Yes, it will be used for high-end gaming, but it will have to be directed more specifically for high end 3d-Modelling, Shading, and various simulations such as physics simulations. It must be future proof for the next 7 or 8 years at least. This kit is going to be used for product design and simulation, and high-end modelling/games/animation development. With that, it will need top of the range processing power, powerful graphics cards (multi GPUs, most likely 3), future-proof motherboard that is compatible with all other components (with as many USB and HDMI ports), a lot of high-quality RAM, SSD hard drives that favour both performance and capacity, 2 large (bigger than 37") 3D-HD (1080p or higher resolution) TVs, top-of-the range home cinema kit, powerful, quiet and reliable PSU, high-end sound card and massive storage with ordinary hard drives, and even bigger backup drives. With this, I'd prefer more detail into why certain parts are to be chosen over others, and I'd rather good-quality advice over web links of various components people found. For example: If one has much experience in motherboards, I would rather a detailed list of things to look out for in motherboards and the main things I should have in my motherboard rather than a list/links to a couple of motherboards. The reason for this is that if people give out links to various different parts of the computer, it can get very messy as I have to double-check if all the parts are compatible with each other and other people's "parts" that they link will most likely not become compatible. Instead, a list of what are the best sockets/brands/interfaces/form factors/multi-gpu supports/other sockets etc (with a good explanation behind it, or links with great explanations) and other relevant things to look out for would be much more helpful (in the case of motherboards). This will most likely be a big task for any one person to complete, but with all you experienced techys out there, I hope I can come to a better understanding of what makes an ultimate PC in 2013! Answers and help will be very much appreciated!! I have a huge project I'm working on with my friend, and the first thing we need is this PC, and for it to be perfect! And the more I understand my PC and its various components, the better I will be able to make choices for all the parts, and make adjustments as needed. Thanks!! I'm aware of newegg and tigerdirect. They're great for browsing computer components, however to refine my searches I need to understand what makes up the best parts, and what sort of technology I am looking for (keeping in mind that products released in the last few months need a bit of testing to find out all their problems first, knowing that most companies are lazy when it comes to testing their hardware before it goes out on the market) I'm aware of what parts I will need for building a computer. Please read my question carefully, that isn't what I'm asking

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  1. Newegg is your best friend.

  2. To make a decent gaming pc you need:

    A case (it doesn't matter)

    A working motherboard

    A nvidia gaming card or amt gaming card if you don't want to waste money

    Intel i5 or i7 for the rich kids

    Good cooling system (gaming pc is HOT)

    Other stuff you will find in computers such as usb port, plugs and disk reader

    It may not be cheap, but hey, it's for gaming duh.

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