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How much does it cost me to build a gaming PC?

So I heard that building your own desktop computer is more beneficial in terms of performance, to the computer, than actually buying a pre-built one. Anyway, I was wondering what type of gaming computer do I get to have/build if I'm on a budget of a maximum of $1k.. Is it good? Like, I want it to mainly run a couple of games nice & easy. League of Legends for example is one of these games. I want to run it full graphics & resolution. Does my budget of a gaming pc allow me to do that? + can you suggest me some great specs that go with that budget? Thanks :)

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  2. That wont be a problem you get the full package ie monitor and such for that. If its your first build check all tutorials and reveiws before any purchase or ideally a freind who knows a little bit about assembly and if parts are compatible with all the hardware. Just keep in mind your cpu and gpu are where your bulk of cash should be spent the rest is all relative in my opion the 6650ti boost is a great card for the price or for a little extra the 7790 but i feel you wont use these cards to there potential with the games your looking to play but would be a good investment for other more demanding games you may play in the future. Best of luck.

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