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Any PC wiring guides for building my own pc?

So over the last few months ive taught myself about components and such ready for my first proper gaming PC build. The ONLY think im worried about is wiring all the parts together. Im actually dreading pressing the on button and nothing happening lol. So yeah are there any in depth guides to show me where every wire goes and how to connect what to what. Thanks! Have a good day :D

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  1. Wiring is not really a big feature of PC assembly.

    Alsmost all the internal parts go into sockets.

    You need to connect the motherboard power cable to the motherboard, you need to put the hard drive connectors into the hard drives, you need (maybe) to connect a 4 pin plug into the graphics card socket and an additional 4 or 8 pin plug onto a secondary motherboard socket.

  2. I think there is usually a wiring diagram either in the manual for your case.. or stuck to the inside of your case panel.

    Check your manual and if you don't have one, go to the manufacturers website, they'll probably have a wiring diagram laying around somewhere.

  3. I built my first pc about 2 months ago. I put all the parts on the motherboard first then put it into the case last. Then just plug any wired plugins where they fit. They only fit where they are supposed to go. there arent any trick questions for pcs, its all made to make it easier. I actually worried just like you are but no problems. I needed 1 diagram that showed the order of about 6 tiny wires for the power on button and a few other things. Fear not as it's easier than most people think.

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