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Why do I always have to reconnect my internet?

So, a month ago, I got a new Gaming PC. It has a wireless card and a place for an internet/ethernet cable as well. Since I've got the computer, I would have the wired AND the wireless hooked up at the same time. When I did that, there would be no problem whatsoever. For the past two days when I go on the computer, the internet no longer works, but it doesn't COMPLETELY go off. It just gets extremely slow. So slow that if I open chrome it trys to load the page for minutes, but ultimately says it cant reach the server. Ive tried doing the following things: Using only WIRELESS Using only wired Using wired and wireless Resetting the router So, when the internet goes slow, I merely disconnect it, then reconnect. After this it works fine for about 45 minutes. Then it gets slow and i need to reconnect it. What can I do to fix this? There are two other people in the house. One uses wireless, the other uses wired. They do not experience this problem. Also, I have done a power surge on the router.

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  1. So everything works great for 45 minutes and then it starts messing up. Doesn't matter if you are on the wired connection or the wireless connection.In this time period no one else is using the internet?If they are that could be the problem.But for your question lets say nothing else is using the connection. So it's one of two things.Your router or modem is going out.Which is what it most likely is.Since you disconnect and reconnect it works.First you need to do a power cycle of your modem and if you have a separate router that to.Turn off the computer, unplug the router and modem. Wait 1 minute. Then in this order plug in the modem,wait for it to connect to the internet and all lights are up and running usually about 2 to 3 minutes.Do the same to the router.Now turn on your computer go online and hopefully that was it.If this does not fix the issue,then your Modem/router is going out or since this has only been going on for two days it could be your ISP is working on the system or having problems.Call them and ask,tell them your problem.They can run a test while talking to you on the phone.It would help if you are having the problem when you call.If they say the line is fine then replace the modem/router.

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