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What are some good pc specs to run bf3 on ultra settings at around 100 fps?

Hey, I'm 14 and I've been looking into building a pc within the next year hopefully. And I was wondering if there was any place to get advice on the type of hardware I would need to build a gaming pc which can run any game at a high fps, so i went here. Preferably 100 fps. I used bf3 as an example since it's one of those games that take a lot to run because of its graphical fidelity. Any suggestions on the specs to build it? An answer would be appreciated and thanks!

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  1. 100 FPS is alot especially in battle field.Youll need an i7, GTX 680 or so and 16-32GB Ram...Its alot of money so dont expect that much fps. I reccomend for your first time a simple build. start from here

    AsRock z77 extreme4 LGA1155

    i5-3570k Processor LGA1155

    EVGA GTX-650 2GB

    16GB RAM Corsair vengeance

    600 watt power supply

    and a decent size HDD

    If you want 100fps your looking at spending about 1000+

    what i recomend will get you about 50-60 which is twice as better than it runs on console cause battlefield 3 runs only 30 FPS.also the build will cost total about 750-800. BTW thats my computer that im building and ive done alot of research. Im 16 currently building my own


    17-3970k processor

    GTX680 atleast

    16-32GB RAM

    Z87 or greater motherboard

    750 watt power supply

    Good HDD is important

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