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Can you use an XBOX360 controller for PC gaming?

For example Gears of War for PC. Can you get a wired controller(or even wireless), and use it to play the game? Also, can you use it with a laptop?

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  1. maybe...

  2. no i dont think so but im not sure

  3. NO only for xbox u can buy special controllers for ur PC.

  4. of course the wired controllers use a usb cable and i use mine on the pc all the time!

  5. Yes, you can.

    For wireless, though, you'll need to buy a special wireless association device which plugs into a USB port. This enables wireless connectivity from the PC to the controller.

    Wired would be easier. You just need to download the drivers, which should happen instantly as you plug your controller in. If not they are easily obtained.

    Yes, you can use it on a laptop. A laptop is just a portable PC, after all.

  6. No, I've seen a few online sites where you hack the controller, but you're better off buying a pc controller.

  7. yeah, i heard about it.... it was on i think. but u have to hook the charge cord into the usb

  8. Yes you can. All you have to do is download drivers for it, but that's if it doesn't automatically do that for you.

  9. no

  10. You can buy a different type of controller for your PC but I don't think you could from your Xbox 360.

  11. no you cant use it for ur pc because thers no port or sockets that support the wires an as far as i no there isnt a redognition chip in ur laptop that coul redognise or configure the controller! if you want a cheap controllerfor urpc that is almost the same as an xbox one then go on ebay an u can pick one up for less than a tenner! or go downto ur nearest games shop an they hould have one for about 20 quid

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