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How good of a gaming pc is this so far?

I am planning on building my own gaming pc to handle games like Skyrim and Far Cry 3 on ultra settings. So far these are the parts I am choosing to buy. -AMD FX-6300 Vishera CPU -Asus Sabre Tooth 990fx Motherboard -Radeon HD 7850 Graphics Card -G. Skill Ripjaws 8gb DDR3 1600 Ram -Seagate Barracuda 1tb 7200RPM Hard Drive Are the parts I have chosen compatible with each other? And if they are how would you rank the pc these parts would build on a scale of 1-10. 10 being amazing, and 1 being piece of crap. And if you guys have suggestions for me for different parts I could get instead of the ones I have chosen to make my pc more powerful without costing me a lot more please let me know. Thanks guys any advice is appreciated.

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  1. Building an AMD gaming PC is like going to an outhouse to take a sh*t, yeah it'll get the job down, but COME ON!

    Forgive me, that metaphor was supposed to go somewhere, but I got lost in my happens sometimes.

    I'd go Intel for a processor (i7, if you can afford it) and ASUS Sabertooth is great, but you might want to go with the X79 if you go with Intel.

    For RAM, brand is great and size is passable, but you may want to up it to 16.

  2. that guy before is retarded. i7s are useless fore gaming, that 6300 is more then enough for a year or so. but get a 7950 instead, it wont get bottlenecked. the 7850 is way to weak for the new gen games. ALSO that sabretooth motherboard is a ripoff if ive ever seen one. go with this mother board instead:

    and BTW amd has been the best chip producer for ages. the i5 is the only good processers from intel when it comes to gaming. games arent that processer dependent...

  3. If you are doing gaming then why you are investing more money in Motherboard and and less power CPU

    if you are getting Sabertooth then you should buy the AMDFX-8350!

    So what i suggest you is get a AMDFX-8350 With Asrock 990FX Extreme4 and Radeon HD 7950 OC With Boost

    RAM Is Good To Go

    PSU : Minimum 600 Watts Required with one 12V Power Rail

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