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I'm thinking of buying a gaming PC and I want to know if this computer is worth the price?

1. Cold cathode neon lights (really bright) 2. 1,100 watts power supply (a lot) 3. Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad Core proccessor (the best) 4. Liquid cooling plus 4 LED light fans (120 mm, excellent cooling system) 5. The best motherboard right now 6. 2 gigabyte ram but it is upgradable to 8 gigabytes 7. 2 (Dual) Nvidia 8800 GTX 768 megabytes graphics card (the best) 8. Four 160 gigabyte hard drives in RAID 0 ( extreme performance) 9. Lightscribe Technology drives (cd and dvd (RW) and all the other formats) 10. The best sound card(X-Fi Platinum) and the best speakers (Logitech Z-5450) 11. 22 inch monitor and lots of USB ports 12. g15 keybord (gaming Keyboard) 13. Logitech MX-Revolution (best mouse) 14. Temperature Meter and 3 fans control 15. Proffesional wiring and rounded cables 16. 1 year parts, 3 years repairs, and lifetime technical support free 17. Windows Vista Home Premium (awesome) I made an Alienware exactly like this computer and it cost about $10,000 (WHY ARE ALIENWARES SO EXPENSIVE?) and this one in costs $5,000 which is half. I need it %100 for now and future projects please help (YES I NEED THIS MUCH POWER). This is the case but I'm getting it in black

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  1. WOW, thats awesome. If it was from CyberPower ur gettin a great deal!

  2. About a year after you buy it, it won't be worth that much. As soon as the ATI R600 comes out, the GTX will drop as well. Is it worth the price? That's your call. For me, it's not. The 8800 GTX is a Direct X 10 card, not any Direct X 10 games out for it. I would just get a Raptor to load games and a 500 GB secondary drive. I've also heard that Vista's drivers are still in their infancy.

  3. Try this site for some great info on Gaming rigs.

  4. It seems like a very nice system. (Ok, so that's an understatement.)

    The only thing that I'd change is the hard drives. I'd move them from RAID 0 to RAID 5. The performance is almost the same as raid 0, except the hard drives will have some redundancy so that you won't loose all of your information in case 1 hard drive fails.

    Check out: and

    The reason that Alienware cost so much is because of the tuning they do to your system, and because of the customer support. Personally, I think they're overpriced.

    PS. Don't listen to the person who said sata is better then raid, because that's nonsense. Raid and sata are different technologies and are not mutually exclusive. Sata cannot be better then raid anymore then red can be better then car.

  5. Rip off...Alienwares are ridiculously over priced. Build it yourself.

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