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I'm thinking of buying a gaming PC and I want to know if this computer is worth the price?

1. Cold cathode neon lights (really bright) 2. 1,100 watts power supply (a lot) 3. Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad Core proccessor (the best) 4. Free games and T-shirt, like Age of Empires 3 and Rainbox Six Vegas 5. Liquid cooling plus neon fans 6. The best motherboard right now 7. 2 gigabyte ram but it is upgradable to 8 gigabytes 8. 2 (Dual) Nvidia 8800 GTX 768 megabytes graphics card (the best) 9. 500 gigabyte hard drive (which is more than I need trust me) 10. Lightscribe Technology drives (cd and dvd and all the other formats) 11. The best sound card(X-Fi Platinum) and the best speakers (Both cost about $600) 12. Onboard LAN network 13. 22 inch monitor and lots of USB ports 14. g15 keybord (Gaming Keyboard) 15. g7 mouse (Gaming mouse) 16. Temperature Meter with remote control 17. Proffesional wiring and rounded cables 18. 1 year parts, 3 years repairs, and lifetime technical support free 19. Flash media card reader 20. Windows Vista Home Premium (awesome) I made an Alienware exactly like this computer and it cost about $10,000 (why are Alienwares so expensive) and this one in costs $4,900 which is half. I need it %100 for now and future projects please help. This is the case but I'm getting it in black

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  1. Seems high...............check out or

  2. Looks awesome.... DO IT!

    Good luck and Happy Computer GAMING!

  3. well it's an awsome computer i know .... but 5 grands are tooooooo much .... i have just bought a new PC with specifications slightly less than those .... i bought it for equivalent of $800

  4. Reluctantly I would have to say yes, this would be a fair price for this machine.

    However, do you need all this power? I work in the animation/video arts industry, (not really the technical department but development yes) and this is a heavy duty machine you're planning on buying.

    I guess if you think its worth it and are willing to pay the price then yes go for it, there are some parts here you might be able to save 100$ or so, but overall this machine is worth it.

    The reason Alienware is so expensive is because they use the latest of the latest, many of there technology is either contracted or exclusively available to them. I have learned however that in this IT industry being ahead is a hard thing to do, even for Alienware. So what is worth 1000 now will be worth about 400 a year from now, 100, 2 years from now. By the time that you reach the price vs. age range you will have wasted a lot of money on a machine that was "the shit" when you bought it, but when you have to replace it 4-5 years later (the average computer age) you will still not have made up for the extra you paid.

    But i'm just a computer geek and if I had 10,000 to spare I would certainly buy the Alienware lol

  5. Its a good pc but it is way too much and that is crazy so just go on ebay and find one for like 800 because in few years when its out of date it wont sting as much to put newer parts in it

  6. Games aren't multithreaded, so a core 2 extreme 2.93ghz is faster in all games than a quad core at 2.66ghz, simply because of the clock speed. and make sure the motherboard supports 32x sli. liquid cooling can be a bitch, especially if you aren't overlocking. getting 2 sataII 80gb's striped for your OS/games would be much faster, and sounds like is all the space you need. if not get 2 320's striped.

    also adding a second GTX only nets you something like 10-15% performance increase, where as SLI'ing a GTS gets you the normal 40+% increase, so the extra $600 doesn't net you 2x the speed as you might think. and on a 22" monitor a single GTX is more than fast enough at those resolutions, with a 30" you may be able to justify the extra card..

  7. While this is an awesome looking machine, the price is in the stratosphere but seems fair. I have recently purchased all the components for a new gaming machine and find that $5000 is bit too much, even with all these parts. Here's my machine and total cost.

    Intel 2Duo E6600 2.4Ghz

    EVGA 8800 GTX Video Card

    2 Gb Ram Corsair

    EVGA 680I MoBo

    DVD Burner, CD-RW

    320 GB Seagate Barracuda SATA 2 w/PR

    Zalman CPU Heat sink and Fan

    Artic 5 Silver

    Audigy 4 Platinum SB

    650W Silverstone PS

    Antec Mid tower case

    All for $1850.

    This system will rock for many years and has the capability to go to quad processor when the need arises. Considering there are currently no real applications taking advantage of dual processors, why spend the $1500 just for the processor?

    It basically boils down to your comfort level. If you are OK with spending $5000 on a system that in 1 year you can get for less than $2500, then go for it. You will be happy either way.

  8. here is a better idea; buy one for $1500; in 2 years, but another for 41500; ythen in 2 more years, buy another for $1500; u'll get much more bang for your buck.

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