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Building a Budget Gamer PC Need Help?

I want to build a pc for gaming mostly to run games on high detail and still get about 100 fps. Can anyone please let me know the entire list of parts needed to build a pc including wires, fans etc. and if possible, i'd like to know websites where i can buy these parts for cheap. email me if you want to know more specifics such as the budget itself, and if you want to tell me the specific parts. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Well first things first If your using vista operating system make sure you a quad core processor anything else would be shit. Make sure it has at least 4gb of ram that you can upgrade to 8 if you want. Then you should also have at least a 500gb hardrive. When all this is put together its going to cost a lot around 1,000 dollars and probably way more. There are also many other things that can raise the price like a wireless adapter. I recommend just buying a gaming system like ps3 or xbox360. Sorry if i didn't answer your question the way you wanted me to. Hope i helped. I am also not a computer genius

  2. The fps you get depends on the resolution, settings you have it at, the game itself, and most importantly the video card.

    Parts needed:



    CPU cooler *if overclocking

    Video Card

    Optical Drive

    Hard Drive



    Power Supply

    Operational System

    The quality of your gaming build will depend on your budget. There is no certain place where you can buy all the parts cheaper than other places. If you live in the US, you should check out newegg, tigerdirect, zipzoomfly, and etc. If you live nearby a Fry's or Microcenter, you should check their prices as well.

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