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Everytime the microwave is on my pc turns off?

It happens everytime but not only with the microwave but with other high consuption electronics like a vacuum, the washing machine and so on. My Pc and its components are connected to a voltage regulator with a capacity of 1400 watts so that wouldnt be the problem. A friend suggested splitting the components between two voltage regulators, I had an old 400watts regulator and I connected the stereo system, internet modem, wi-fi modem and printer there and the (Gaming) PC and the monitor in the other voltage regulator but it also fails and everything shuts off... The microwave is connected in the kitchen and the washing machine is in the laundry room, my room (where the pc is) is on the second floor, I thought they might be in the same circuit that the connections mentioned above and I tried to connect it with an extension in other room in another power outlet and it happens again. Can someone tell me what the problem could be? and how to solve it? its driving me nuts. Additional information: This didnt happened with my older pc, also my house have had some electrical problems related with old wiring in the past months, it is partially fixed but I dont know if this really is an issue for the before mentioned problem. Someone turned on the microwave again, the things connected to my old power supply (600 w(yes I said before It was 400 but now I checked again and it is 600)) remain on while the new one (1400 w) tuns off, also the old one has an indicator that turns from normal to low frecuency, a friend said that It could be that the new one might be "oversensitive" and thats why it turns off that frequently or that it is damaged. The solution here might be to connect everything on my old Avtek rl 103e but im not sure if it can hold everything that Im using when Im playing high end games like crysys 3 (to put an example).

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  1. Sounds like you have a faulty connection on the microwave/washing machine

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