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Can a wired xbox 360 controller work for pc games?

Does it work for windows and what about a wireless controller as well?

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  1. Im afraid not. youll need to purchase a real controller ,

  2. Yes it can

  3. If the game's designed to detect it, absolutely. I have a blast playing NFS:HP with the XB360 wired.

    Wireless controller OTOH requires the wireless receiver. Remember, PC's don't have a receiver, unlike the Xbox, unless you buy and add one.

  4. YES! the vast majority of games made after the xbox 360 will detect the controller, and work with it automatically, without any adjustments. or changes in the options, and even display the correct buttons on screen. The Xbox 360 controller, has pretty much become the default gaming controller for PC, and is easily the best choice for newer games.

    The only problem with it, is games made before around early 2005 and before usually don't detect it properly. I've found on games such as San Andreas, Prince of persia the two thrones, and many of my older pc games, and some simulators, that the triggers, and right stick aren't detected. The triggers are sometimes picked up as an axis, but not as buttons, which makes them useless on a lot of games. Most controller remaping software doesn't seem to work with it properly either. But for newer games, it's the best choice of controller.

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