Build Your Own Gaming PC

Im looking places that put together your custom pc when you supply all the parts?

I want to make my own custom gaming PC and is planning to buy all the parts from I have no clue on how to assemble everything into the tower and no nothing about things like wire management etc etc. Is there anywhere in the Brooklyn NY area like PC shops that can do this? I rather let a professional handle this

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  1. go to your local best buy store and have a geek do it.

  2. its actually pretty easy. nobody, i repeat, nobody builds computers. they just put a bunch of parts into slots. you have to think of it that way. its really simple, almost impossible to mess up if you have a guide.

    i consider the engineer who is designing the motherboards and chips to be "building" computers, everyone else is playing with legos

    try this

  3. It's cheaper now to just buy a gaming machine. I wouldn't have Geek Squad touch my computer unless a gun was held to my head! Just spend the most you can spend and get the machine as a whole. It used to be cheaper to build yourself. Not anymore! The people who you hire to build are very expensive! I bought a quad-core for 1000.00 I could have gotten the same computer built by someone probably for more if i bought the peices seperate and put it all together.

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