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does a wired xbox 360 controller work on a PC for computer games?

if i go buy a xbox 360 controller will it work for the computer games i have on my laptop? thanks

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  1. Yes it will work, just download the Xbox Accesories software form The controller works with lots of games, even in one launched before the 360.

  2. The 360 remote will work straight away on Vista. and will worlk perfectly for any Games For Windows branded games, its one of the requiremnts ot get the games for windows branding, and most are 360 ports anyway.

    if you are on XP you will need the drivers for it.

    and on some gmaes you will need to re-map the controller buttons in the options of the games. msot gmaes are set up to work wiht a PS-like controller.

  3. yeh works perfectly, i used to do it with vba

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