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im planing to buy a xbox360 wired controller for my pc for games like gow,gta4 and dmc4..?

but is it easy as u just plug the usb then can you already play?? i see some on youtube trying to install some drivers first.. so any one wants to share how they connect their 1st xbox360 wired controller? do i realy have to download some drivers 1st? and what website? Sorry for the bad english..

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  1. Fear not, my friend.

    Downloading and installing drivers is really simple.

    When you buy the controller you get a drivers CD, with explanation on how to install it.

    You can also install the drivers from microsoft's website (if you bought an original microsoft controller).

    The installation is as easy as installing any other application - just double click the executable file and follow the instructions.

    As soon as the installation is done, you may connect and play using the controller.

    Have fun :-)

  2. if it is a wired controller you don't need a driver you just plug the controller in and it configures itself

  3. just plug it in and it should all be good....ish! lol

    Ive got a 360 and Vista on my pc, i hate playing games with keyboard and mouse as ive always been a 'console fanboy' when it comes to games but only recently have i switched to pc gaming as the games and graphics are better and theres loads of mods to improve the games.

    So i out my 360 controller into my pc, vista picked it up and quickly downloaded the driver for it and its works great. i can use it to play Crysis/Fallout 4/The witcher.....basically most new games that have the 'Games for Windows' label on. It doesnt work with older games though!!!

    Not sure about it if you have got XP. Probably just a case of going to microsoft website and downloading a driver of there for it or like the gu above states, there maybe a cd with the drivers on it to install. (i dont know about that as my controllers straight from my 360 console)

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