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I have Downloaded PS2 Games from PC. If Ever I USe USB To Plug In The Ps2, Can I Be Able To Run The Program???

What I Am Asking Is If Ever Someone Can Give me a Procedure On How to Transfer A PS2 Software Downloaded From PC If Ever It Avails The Usage of USBIf YOu Know Some Procedures Feel Free To Help.... I Also Wanna Ask If Ever I Can Burn IT Into A CD... Thanx

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  1. I think u cant play the softwares by putting usbs its for connecting pc game controllers.

    While "addiction" may be too strong of a word to describe your relationship with your PlayStation 2 (PS2) system, somewhere between "moderate preoccupation" and "complete obsession" probably fits the bill.

    Things are great with your system, then, as it often happens, one of your PS2 games is lost, stolen or, through normal wear and tear, becomes unusable. What do you do now? Move on or spend the money to replace it? Relax-there's an alternative.

    Though it's your right to make playable copies of your own PS2 games for backup, it's not simple. To copy PS2 games, you need three tools:

    Compatible copying software

    Appropriate copy media

    A PS2 Mod Chip or boot disc

    Here's an analysis of each:

    Software to Copy PS2 Games

    There are two factors to consider when purchasing software to copy PS2 games. First, does the software support PS2 games, and second, can the software overcome FADE-an anti-piracy protection that gradually self-modifies and degrades elements of play in copied games to the point where they become useless. FADE is fairly new to the PS2 scene and can only be found on a few titles, but FADE will probably become a more frequent issue when attempting to copy PS2 games in the future.

    Other things you'll want to look into include how easy the copy software is to use, the quality of the copies it produces, and the quality of help and support the game copy software company offers.

    Media to Copy PS2 Games To

    PS2 games come in two formats, CD-ROMs, which have a blue underside, and DVDs, which have a silver underside. The best media to use for copying these games include: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW and CD-RW formats.

    PS2 Mod Chips

    In order for your PS2 system to play legal backup copies, it must be modified to overcome its built-in protection. One way of accomplishing this is by installing a PS2 Mod Chip into your system's console, allowing you to play backup copies of your games.

    Before we get into this, there's one point that needs addressing. Installing a mod chip into your PS2 system will definitely void your manufacturer's warranty. If you're okay with this then feel free to proceed, otherwise skip to the "Boot Disc" section.

    Installing most PS2 Mod Chips is a complicated procedure that requires you to open your console to solder several wires. If you don't have a background in soldering, hire an experienced electronics professional. If your mod chip is installed wrong, you'll be in the market for a new gaming console. Another option-there are a few PS2 Mod Chips out there that, although complicated to install, require no soldering at all.

    PS2 Boot Discs

    A copy alternative that's gaining momentum-boot discs. You place these discs in your PS2 console before inserting your backup copy. This method doesn't require cracking open the console case or soldering wires, and so does not void your warranty.

    So whether you're looking to protect your investment or your sanity, making backup copies of your PS2 games may be your solution.

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