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Should i use PC or xbox?

Which is better for gaming? And what should i get cod 4 modern warfare 2 on? Dont include the costing of the xbox or pc in which is better for gaming because i have a really good gaming pc.

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  1. Although I play all my games on the xbox 360, I'd have to say pc if you're into modding.

    If you have no idea what modding is or how to do it I'd say stick to the console, it makes life much simpler

  2. xbox.

    eaisier control and more reliable in speed.

  3. If you have a really good gaming PC, then the PC is the way to go. Think of it this way:

    With the exception of a small number of games the PC can do everything the xbox can and more. One may argue that they like the gamepads from the xbox, but you can use the xbox controllers on the computer, wired or wireless (if you buy the adapter for wireless). Also, when the latest greatest new gaming console comes out, you will not need to buy a $400 - $600 new system. At the most you may choose to purchase a new graphics card which run up to $250. Also, when you your primary gaming source is a pc, music is easier to play, socializing is easier, meeting new people...

    Not to mention that PC's can be upgraded part by part, so you don't need to fully commit to a console.

    Go for PC

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