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Is buying a gaming PC from Dell a good idea?

I want to become a PC gamer. I played Dragon Age on homemade gaming PC and it was awesome. i don't think i could build one myself. is it ok to buy one from Dell?

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  1. Yeah, dell has a lot of customizable options, go for a model where you can change the graphic card to a 1gb memory one. That, good ram, and a moderately powerful processor, and you can play a huge selection of games on the market.

  2. Dell's ok but do realize that you won't get the most out of your money. Prebuilts will always rip you off in some way, whether it's by using sh*tty parts, or making you pay for brand name (Alienware).

    You could go on the forums of a computing website (like tomshardware ) and ask them to choose parts for you, then buy them, take it to a computer store and they'll build it for you. The price varies.

    It really isn't that hard to build a PC, as long as you have time and patience.

  3. if you can use a screwdriver, you can build a pc. after that, it's installing the cpu, heatsink and wiring it up. then installing an o/s. my advise is get you friend with gaming rig to help you this time and do it yourself. it's not hard to do. the wires will only work where they are intended to go, it's hard to mess that up. the cpus typically us a "zif" slot (zero insertion force) and the heat sink is a breeze if you use just a bit (they say a pea sized dab in the center). other than that stuff, it's mounting things with screws in the case and installing your o/s. the o/s will walk you through it, just put in the disk and run it. this is nothing to be intimidated by. seriously when done, you will see it's really very simple. i was like you on my first build. do yourself a favor and pick the cpu and buy a board that will work with it, and get the rest of the hardware using the specs from the board. tigerdirect has some decent cpu and board combos. it might be a good place to start. feel free to message me, i might be of more help

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