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Can anyone recommend a good gaming PC?

I've done a little background research and I definitely want to get a desktop, primarily used for gaming with a certain amount of other things. I'm on a somewhat tight budget so I can't really afford to go over £1000 in total, ideally around the £700 area. The trouble is, I don't really have a clue about hardware and how much of it games need/utilise. In short I want a desktop which will run games as well as possible for that budget. I don't care about brand (if any) as long as it'll run well and won't break within days of me getting it because this is intended to last a while. Thanks.

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  1. If you want a really good gaming PC you have to build it yourself and for 1000 pounds you should be able to build a good one.

    You have to get a good processor and motherboard Avoid Celeron processors.

    4GB of RAM

    and a very good Video Card.

    plus all the other bits.

  2. Which game titles are you primarily interested in playing? A system for playing World of Warcraft and the Sims 3 costs less than system for playing Battlefield:Bad Company 2 and Crysis.

    Here's a nice low-cost gaming system. Note the base price is for the hardware only, without Windows... so your final price would be about £572

    This is even better, for about £672

    It's important to remember that for gaming 75% of your performance relies upon the graphics card, not the processor. So those two computers are actually better for gaming than some models with more powerful CPUs, for example:

    While it's got a stronger Core i5 processor, it's got a weaker graphics card. So for gaming it's only slightly better than the first system. It's actually slower than the Core i3 system, simply because of the disparity in graphics cards.

    If you didn't mind performing a couple of upgrades, buy that 3rd computer then replace the stock graphics card and power supply:

    That's under £840 for a really powerful system. And you could sell the original GTS 250 graphics card and power supply, reducing your final price by another £80-100.

    However that's a little bit of work. If you want something ready to go without having to open the case and change any components, grab the 2nd system.,2782.html

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