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Video Game Hardware?

What is the most important peice of hardware if I am looking for good quality PC gaming? Im not looking for specifics, just general things like the video card or CPU

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  1. Really it depends on what you prefer Nvidia vs. ATI for graphics card. I would say that on memory definatly buy name brand, off brands tend to corpupt more than name brand. A flat screen is a must for your monitor. Other than that it's really more up to you.

  2. Games come in all forms, each with their own specific demands. The best thing to do is take a look at the games you want to play. Jot down both their minimum requirements and their recommendations. You'll want to buy to at least meet the recommendations. The minimum requirements are for us who haven't bought hardware recently. You can find out the minimum requirements for games from either the website of the publisher of the game or off the box at the store.

    Generally speaking strategy games will hit your CPU hardest. Just about everything else will hit the graphics card hardest.

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